Zenjoji Temple  1,000Years of Buddhism



Zenjoji is located in southern Kyoto Prefecture, between Nara and Kyoto in anarea that is now designated as a Historical Nature Conservation Area.Thesurrounding area, known as Minami Yamashiro, is scattered withtemplesthat convey the traditions of early Buddhism as it spread from Nara toKyoto.From time immemorial Zenjoji was known as "the temple just beyondthemountains of Ujitawara." The old road it is located on has always beenusedas a shortcut from the Yamashiro area to the Omi area and ShigaPrefecture.During the Heian Era, the road was frequently traveled as it was atrunk roadthat linked up with the "Tokaido," which was one of the main roadsin Japanat the time.